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What are the Wrongs in Aesthetic Surgery?

What are the Wrongs in Aesthetic Surgery?ISTANBUL – Prof. Dr. Adnan Uzunismail in the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery from Istanbul University says that a hunger for aesthetic surgery is being observed in Turkey by underlying the fact that they make an effort to handle this period as balanced as possible with various trainings programs.

Prof. Dr. Uzunismail states that Turkey can compete with the developed countries in terms of the quality of the aesthetic operations, and even the newest applications become widespread in Turkey in a very short time.

Prof. Dr. Uzunismail pointing out that the rhinoplasty is in great demand among other aesthetic operations in Turkey, also states “Plastic surgery is highly popular in Turkey. We can say the same thing that the mobile phone usage is higher than most countries. As a result of this high demand, the surgical techniques are also rapidly spreading around.”

Prof. Dr. Uzunismail who defends that the developing aesthetic surgery market is under the control of the patients, and says as follows:

''According to the world statistics, 1 or 3 noses out of 10 are being operated again. The patient may ask for different types of nose according to the changing fashion trends. Since the operation becomes easy thanks to the technology, it also becomes possible. The aim of the surgeon is to make the nose that can provide the best balance of the patient's head structure and shape of the face. When we look at the point where we reached today, we see that everyone's nose looks the same with other. During the courses, we touch on the importance that the noses should be made accordingly unique to the person in question. It is easy to make the same nose, but the art is to find the appropriate nose which will fit the person. Due to the market conditions, the patient forces the surgeon to do what he/she wants. However, what we need to do is to direct the patient to the right perspective. It is of great importance to analyze the expectations of the patient.''


Prof. Dr. Uzunismail says that the age of the plastic surgery has drastically dropped in Turkey, and people knock on the doors of the aesthetic surgeons to change their looks before they know themselves physically well.

Prof. Dr. Uzunismail pointing out that the expectations of people increase in direct proportion with the development of the aesthetic surgery facilities says as follow:

''As long as the plastic surgery industry is concerned, we see that every willing person can undergo surgery. It is an evident fact that there is hunger for aesthetic surgery in Turkey. We make an effort to handle this period as balanced as possible with various training programs. Aesthetic surgery should go hand-in-hand with the psychiatry branch. It is particularly easier in the universities. When I have doubts about the attitudes of the patient, I request a psychiatric consultation. Making appropriate recommendations to the patient is of great importance. Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with changing their hair colors. What people want is to change the shape of their face. After a while, these will not be sufficient, and people start to demand other things. The people whose lives are problematic are in the search of other new things. Eventually, they resort to the surgical interventions. I believe in training a good surgeon is of vital importance.''


Prof. Dr. Uzunismail has reported that the courses especially aiming to improve the success rate of the rhinoplasty play an important role in the trainings of the surgeons.

Prof. Dr. Uzunismail reminding that the third Rhinoplasty Course held by the Plastic Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery taking place in the DEU Faculty of Medicine has also noted that the physicians from the four corners of Turkey participated in the course.

In the scope of the course, Prof. Dr. Uzunismail pointing out the fact that they gain the opportunity to share the rapidly evolving techniques in rhinoplasty has stated as follows:

''In the scope of the course, many experts from various countries carry out operations, and we exchange information with them. The renowned experts in rhinoplasty are hosted in Turkey. The physicians who want to improve their plastic surgery experience attend the courses. It is an application in order to reach better results and complete our missing knowledge in rhinoplasty. Our aim is to educate the plastic surgeons better. We have invited Dr. Ricardo Mazzola from Italy this year. Many problems can emerge in rhinoplasty. Sometimes the patients can be unhappy or unsatisfied with the results. As a community, our wish is to experience less problems.''

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