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Techniques Redesigning the Body

Techniques Redesigning the BodyISTANBUL - The secret of a beautiful body depends on a regular diet and exercise. However, it is not possible all the time to change the parts of your body with which you are not satisfied with these two applications.

Dr. Asu Deniz Burhanoglu in the department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Cevre Hospital says "Your own fat acting like stem cells can blow the winds of youth in your body," and he has mentioned the techniques redesigning the body.

"The face which succumbs the passing time and gravity gradually slides down through the bone structure. The fatty parts bothering us which are located in the different parts of the body are engaged in this stage. The skin can be renewed thanks to fat undergoing private transactions, and these fats seem to be an early cure resisting the time. Skin rejuvenation is performed by enabling the young sells containing fatty tissue to act like stem cells. In brief, stem cells are used for the rejuvenation of face.

The cells which form with the beginning of life in the womb are miracle tissues. These cells hold such a great potential that the community of these cells turns into an adult organism. Here, the stem cells where all the tissues develop sustain their existence in our body in a lifetime. Recently, the use of the stem cells in the diseases which are obtained from the fetal tissues and having the potential to turn into various tissues is on the front burner. In plastic surgery, some certain organs were achieved to form with the use of these cells to remake the lost organs. Within these issues posing some versatile medical and legal problems, the most common method used today in aesthetic purpose is the operation where the fat injections conducted with the purpose of youth therapy on the face are enriched with stem cells.

The excessive fat resulting in projection in such regions as belly, legs, and hip is removed by a small hole and the stem cells in the fat are taken into the laboratory and separated by means of microscope or special machines. The fat tissue which is separated in its fluid and cellular components by some special methods is injected to the face as being enriched in young cells and the face starts with rejuvenation in time. This method has been successfully implemented in the problematic regions of the body, for example, in the regions experienced trauma or radiation therapy. As the recovery of the skin can be seen visually, the under skin problems are also recovered by volume of the fat.


If we consider our body as a whole, it is possible to support and protect our skin which we do not regard as an organ -but in fact it is the most important organ in our body- with our fat.

So, what can be done with such an organ as breast that is located outside the body and unable to protect itself from the gravity? At this point, again it becomes clear that you can use your own body fat to lift your breast up.

The fats obtained after the liposuction is both used to rejuvenate the aging face, sustain the viability, create supportive tissue by increasing the thickness of subcutaneous tissues, and enlarge the small and saggy breasts. Here, the increased volume reflects to the entire breast as half-sized, but this is a process which can be repeated as long as sufficient fat is obtained from the patient. Moreover, highly successful results are achieved in the re-creation of the breast which was removed due to cancer and in the correction of congenital asymmetry.


As well as the patients who complain about their small breasts, and solve it with fat or permanent implants, large-breasted patients are also interested in the breast operation. Large breasts are not destiny, and breasts are now being reduced thanks to new surgical techniques without causing a problem in the future. Breast reduction surgery not only protects the patients from cervical disc that may occur in the future and all kinds of back pain, but also it reduces the possibility of some formations and allows these formations to be detected in the first place.

What's new is that the breasts are now reduced in shorter lines without using the horizontal incision and scar around the nipple is almost formed like the head of the creation of a natural breast. The marks caused by the breast reduction operation are now eliminated with the aid of a new technique. After surgery, many patients complain about the apparent flat mark around the nipple, the new marking method (marker) enables to achieve a more natural result. The aim of this method is to create the surrounding of the irregular areola (colored part) being naturally light and dark in the same natural way. The scar mark which is seen after a few months following the surgery is on the top of the nipple and the vertical line begins to disappear. However, the complaints of the patients about this surgery are the unpleasant view looking like a stamp placed on the top of the cone of the nipple. The results of our operations where the Marker method is adopted are satisfying our patients.


Many patients who do not like their legs consult to the aesthetic surgeons. In fact, this is minor problem in that the body fats can be a remedy in these regions, as well.

The unequally settled fats can be taken from the leg sides and given to the hips. In the same sense, the upper leg fats and abdominal fats can be used to thick the legs at the bottom. Since some part of the fat can reduce over time, it may be necessary to repeat this operation in the moving parts over years. As the tissue is being an autogenous tissue, there is no risk to repeat the operation.

Technology comes to rescue of the patients where the fat tissue holding miraculous features is not enough. Bow and thin legs can also be corrected with the implant. These implants are safe formations which are generally made from harmless silicone and they do not pose problem for the body when they are applied according to the rules. They can be changed or completely removed, if necessary. Since they do not resemble the adipose tissue in terms of aliveness, they are not observed to change volume or shape. In brief, the operation can not be repeated and the volume remains the same. These operations can be carried out in any season, but it is crucial to spend time in a cool environment following the surgery. After the swellings have gone away in the first 15-20 days, the new look will be evident with all its beauty in the legs.


One of the neglected regions in the body is the knee caps. The fat injection can be an effective solution for bony and irregular appearance in the knee caps. The fat tissue being a vibrant part of our body not only creates a volume where it is injected, but also provides an improvement of the problems over the skin. We can see the most beautiful example of this on the face. Highly successful results are achieved in the unthinkable parts in the first place such as hand, knee or in the other parts which we try to hide. If you do not like your knees and need to hide them constantly, you can have more beautiful knees with a superficial injection into the knee caps.


When spots on the hand begin to appear, people may consider these as a sign of aging upon seeing first wrinkles as a result of the thinning skin. However, it can be possible to postpone this look for years or destroy it completely with fat injection when applied just in time. Like other operations, it is crucial to observe better and early results not with the timing, but with resting in a cool environment following the operation. As soon as the swelling goes away, the new elegant look rises to the surface.


The fat tissue in the dangling arms is removed by vacuum, namely the liposuction method. Since the extra skin will generally shrink and adapt to the new condition over time, it should not be cut initially and must be avoided the trace that may occur. The method of inside banding carried out by wrapping round the arm and the suspension procedure provide good results in the appropriate patients. The last option in the patients who experience excessive dangling is to skin removal, but it should be noted that this transaction will leave significant traces.


The prominent applications in the abdominal aesthetics are preferred in the patients that do not have redundant skin. If there is redundancy, cracks, relaxation in the abdominal skin, the patient and the surgeon work together to decide the most appropriate choice of operation. The patient's expectations and lifestyle play an important role here. Due to these dilemmas, the innovations are aimed at closed-interventions in order to carry through less cut and less scar. The endoscopic procedures are discovered for this purpose and practiced in order to carry out big works in small incisions, for example, to repair the abdominal muscles in the patients who do not have redundant skin.

If the skin is just a little more, it is possible to correct the area with mini-abdominal or full-abdominal surgery. The main difference between the mini-abdominal and the full-abdominal operations, where the healthy patients can easily recover from, is that there is not any incision around the navel in the mini-abdominal, there is only a shorter form of scar line at the bottom. In the full-abdominal surgery, the fat-saggy skin under the belly is completely removed and there remains an uncertain incision scar around the navel. With this latter method, the abdominal is tightened inside like a corset beginning from the ribs to the bottom of the abdominal muscles by getting repaired, such as repairs and gained a smooth appearance. In particular, the women who gave multiple births and whose abdominal muscles gotten loose mostly benefit from this operation."

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