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Slim Ankles with Liposuction

Slim Ankles with LiposuctionISTANBUL - Specialist Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Sinan Shakrak stating that it is possible to get slim and elegant ankles in approximately one-hour-long operation gave some valuable information for those who may be curious about the ankle liposuction which enables the fatty tissue under the skin to be removed from the body.

Dr. Sinan Shakrak, stating that the thin and elegant ankle is defined as ideal in all cultures, also stated that the ideal ankle in the medical science has to be thin, not having a significant wrist vein look or sharp bony projections or bumps.

"Having thick ankles is many women's nightmare. Sometimes it becomes even a serious problem that women prevent wearing short skirts and elegant shoes," said Sinan. "The ankle liposuction surgical operation which has been conducted abroad for a long time and gathered great interest among the Hollywood movie stars, and now is being performed and drawing great attention in Turkey, as well.” he added.

Dr. Sinan Shakrak stating that especially hostesses and other women, who have to wear skirt want to thin their ankles, gave the following information about ankle liposuction:


"Ankle aesthetics is a method which is applied to show the ankle area elegant and delicate. The area of fat tissue is reduced in this operation. The fatty tissue under the skin of the ankle is removed by suction method with the aid of extremely thin cannulas. The suction process is performed not often with motor, but with the aid of low-pressured injector systems in order to avoid the irregularity. The operation takes roughly an hour. People can return to their normal social life a few days following the operation. It is helpful for the patient to take a walking. However, we do not recommend he/she stands still for a long time. Because standing still for a long time can cause ankle swelling. The patient should wear tight clothes such as compression stockings for a period of three weeks after the operation. The swellings occurred on the patient’s ankle may take longer than other liposuction operations.


The thinning operations carried out in ankle zone help the calf muscles be evident and the legs be seem more attractive. If you have weak muscles in this region or experience curvature of the lower leg, it is highly possible to shape the leg with the aid of fat injections or by using silicone calf implants.

The first thing done before the operation is to examine the structure of the leg with the ankle. Then, drawings are applied in the relevant region to be operated and the procedure begins. The determination of how much fat will be removed lies definitely with the condition of the structure of the leg. The amount of fat involved in ankle thickness determines the limits of the operation.

Operations are performed only for the fat tissue of the ankle. The procedures shall not be oriented to the bone. If the problem results from the thick bones, it is not possible to thin the ankle. Because the interventions performed on the bones of the ankle which is one of the junctions that carries the weight of the body, pose a health risk. After the operation you do not need any repetition, because the ankle will protect its fine and thin form. However, of course, putting on excess weight may result in the increase of thickness in the ankle zone."
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