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RhinoplastyNose, is known as the most notable part of human body. Starting from birth it is an organ open for traumas. From infancy onwards, except for accidents of birth or subsequently the development of nose is oppressed being open to traumas.

Today, due to too many accidents as a result of the transfer of genetic characteristics , severe changes occur in the nose. Today, most of the people wants to be beautiful. Besides the beauty of nose it must also perform its functions. Nose filters air by the help of hair inside it. It catches the dust and particles in the air by mucus secretion. The structures called concha in the nose heats the air and hydrates the passing air. These type of operations are called Septorinoplasty.After planning, on photo or computer the patient can get an idea about the shape of the nose after surgery. Nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Usually it is an operation which lasts about one ore one and a half hours. Pad is placed into the nose. Tubes prepared from rubber drain. After these tubes are closed they can easily be removed by the patient. Plaster splint will remain on the nose for a week. When it is removed 1.2 cm wide micropore strips are attached. These strips stay for one week. Cold application to nose region right after the operation reduces bruises and swellings. Usually there is no bleeding during nose operations and there is no discomforting pain after surgery.  They are operations without blood and pain.

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