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OperationThe operation is carried out under local anesthesia or general anesthesia according to the width of the region where liposuction will be performed.  I prefer local anesthesia in the narrow and limited regions not exceeding 15-20 cm, and general anesthesia for wider areas.
By taking the advantage of the operation carried out under local anesthesia in order to reduce the costs, I do not approve the operation to take place in the surgery due to the health conditions. For this reason, the liposuction surgery should not be underestimated and performed certainly in a suitably equipped hospital. Before starting the operation, I inject special solutions into the region to undergo liposuction in order to reduce the bleeding. Thus, blood loss may be a little or not during the surgery, this application also reduces the pain felt after the surgery dramatically.

I open holes in the skin just enough for the cannula to get in. They are usually 3-5 mm. I open the holes on the full joints; the folding of the skin or inside the bikini which can not be seen outside. At the end of surgery, I close it with a few tiny stitches. Since I open the holes in the unseen parts, the traces of holes almost disappear in a few months later. One day the surgery, the patient may have a slight pain, this is normal. The pain you will feel will not be very severe, so it can be killed easily with normal pain medications. 2-3 hours after the operation, you can start to walk with help.

Unless you have undergone any surgery other than liposuction or the liposuction is applied to large areas, you can be discharged from the hospital in the evening of the same day. If a large liposuction is applied, it would be advisable to stay in hospital for one day. You do not feel pain during rest, the pain occurs only when you press your hand over the liposuction area and move like sitting down and getting up. It will not bother you, since the pain will not be intensified or severe. One day after the surgery, you will be capable of walking without support or help. Within a few days, you will be recovered enough to go short-distance trips. You can bath 2-3 days after the surgery.

After a few days following the surgery, you will be recovered enough to handle your own business by yourself. Unless your job is hard or tiresome, you can return to your working life and take plane travels. After 5-7 days, in condition that the work is not hard, exhausting or long-term, you will become capable of handling every activity. It is advisable that you return to your normal life as soon as possible in order not to feel the adverse effects of liposuction and to minimize them. Due to the healing process, it can take 2-3 weeks for you to start intensive and tiring works. After 15 days, which is necessary for the liposuction holes to heal, you can also swim in the pool and sea.

Op. Dr. Sinan Shakrak
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