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LiposuctionLiposuction is the process where the fats accumulated in some certain part of the body are removed by vacuum with a thin cannula that can enter a small hole. The terms named liposuction, suction lipectomy, lipoplasty are all used in the same sense. The terms used by the public such as fat removal, liposuction, liposuction surgery are all used to name the same operation. Lipoinjection and lipofilling mean that the fat cells are removed from one place and injected into another place by liposuction method in order to fill the area, liposhaping and liposculpture mean re-shaping the body by liposuction along with fat injection.

Regional fat deposits appear as stubborn accumulations that could not have been gotten rid of in spite doing sports or sustaining an insistent diet program. These are fats about which many people complain by saying “I do sports, but it is no use… I’m on a diet, but it is no use... I tried everything. I reached to my desired weight, but still could not get rid of these bulges.” The regional fat deposits literally sustain their stubborn existence regardless of the efforts. The only definite and permanent solution to get rid of these deposits is liposuction surgery. It is definite and permanent; since the fat cells do not have the ability to multiply, therefore, after liposuction, the fat accumulation would not be repeated in these regions. When you put on weight, the fat cells do not multiply, only the fat amount that cells store increases. When the fat cells are removed and reduced in number, the number of the cells in the area will remain the same regardless of putting on weight, when taken in a region will while the number of fat cells in that area remains the same, only the cells increase in size. If you put on weight after the surgery, a fat accumulation is observed in the entire body. This can only effect the liposuction area as normally can like other areas, it is not possible to experience an accumulation compared to past. Therefore, the results obtained from liposuction are very persistent.

What areas the liposuction is performed?

Liposuction can be performed in any part of the body where the fat accumulates. Most common parts among women include under chin, upper arms, back, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and the inner face of the knees, and under chin, chest, belly and the waist area among men.

How much fat is removed at one time?

If we look around in the medical literature, it is difficult for me to believe that amounts shown. There are surgeons on earth who remove over 20 liters of fat from patients over 100 kg at a time.  I think I can never dare never such a frenzy. But we also have to appreciate such surgeons. Under normal circumstances the amount of fat to be removed without creating a risk is about 5-6% of your body weight at a time is considered within the limits of safety. So, about 4 liters of fat can be taken safely from a person who weighs 70 kg. If this limit is exceeded, the body's fat metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance, blood levels can lead to distortions.

Op. Dr. Sinan Şakrak
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