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AbdominoplastyTummy tuck is an ideal application for men and women who have saggy tummy that they cant even get rid of even by dieting and making sport.


Abdominoplasty  is applied:
  1. For sagging bellies
  2. Sagging as a result of pregnancy
  3. Overhanging bellies as a result of aging

It is applied under general anesthesia. The operation last for 3-4 hours. The skin incision is made in horizontal direction in order to be kept under bikini.  After surgery, abdominal pain, increased tension, mild swelling due to fluid retention (edema) can be seen for a few days. Pain killers are given for this disorders. Skin sutures are taken within 7-10 days. Abdominal corset is used for 1-1,5 months.

Full recovery for tummy tuck surgery takes a few weeks. Pink abdominal stitching traces previously evident. The color and traces gradually decreases.

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